Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Kill the body and the head will die.

More sweet sweet loving for Henry. Check it out bitches, and feel the love.

If the love was felt why not spend all your food money for the week on owning your very own Savage Henry. Yes! Make your guitar sound like sexy warm death, impress your fellow band mates with your ability to make chords sound like your squeezing shattered glass through a piece of month old cheese. Awesome!
Works great as house defender too, bludgeon them intruders all up in the head with this handy pocket sized clobbering tool. Biggity Bam!
Oh, and did I say girls love that shit too? That's right they do. Ladies love the Savage. Sexy! Jesus day approach so why not buy your lovely wife the special, and thoughtful, gift that is Savage Henry. Perfume, fines chocolates, fuck that shit! You wanting a fat smelly woman or something? Of course not. Sort it out, get Savage.

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