Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Savage Henry

What? Savage Henry is the sexy new pedal on the sexy block and he is sexay. Created by the freaks at D*A*M. Designed and made by Dirts own fair hands. Circuit 'design' and component selection by Captain Rock.

For fuzz fetishists only. If you like your fuzz tones long and hard or fat and juicy you gotta gets some of this action. Score some prime filthy fuzz from this fine and upstanding store:


Savage Henry was made in a batch 25 pieces and features a special 'raw' finish. Henry maybe a savage bastard but he is nice to the environment. Low in pollutants and lo-fi in looks. Made with minimal toxins, UK sourced parts (low air-miles) and packaged with recycled or recyclable materials. Despite the lowbrow nature of Mr.Savage he is high class all the way and is assembled with only high quality parts. Read on...

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