Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Q: Will Henry clean up when I roll back my guitars volume control?
A: No. You’ll be offered some interesting sounds but none of these will be of the clean variety.

Q: Oh No! I can hear strange noises when I turn down my guitars volume control. It sounds like a Russian radio station. Is Henry broken?
A: No. Henry is a high gain silicon fuzz box. This is normal. You should be thanking me. You now have a free radio to listen to on those dark lonely nights.

Q: Does Henry like high gain modern pick-ups?
A: No. Henry likes old school shit. Low to medium gain pick-ups are bestest. Ideally below 10k. Henry will have a fight with modern high output pick-ups. P-90’s are good eating.

Q: Will Henry play nice with my 5 watt solid state amp?
A: No. Henry likes the really big fuckers. Vacuum tubes, you have to use them.

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